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Let the Lime-Zested Chips Fall Where They May!

Some people have chips on their shoulders. Ever since I arrived at the Rattlesnake, I’ve had chips on the brain.

You see, the first thing I did when I walked in the door was look at reports to see what was selling and what was not, what needed fixing and what wasn’t broken. Back then, chips and salsa were the number-1 mover. So Gordon Wilcox and I went through 16 different salsas and countless corn chips on the theory that if we could perfect the simple things, you might trust us with more complex dishes. And our plan seems to be working. My favorite ticket from last night read:

Chips and salsa
Foie gras, hen of the woods, chervil and truffle pizza

In case you’re wondering why the following recipe calls for 3 different types of salt, there are 2 reasons. First, different textures increase the chances that the salt will stick to the surface of the chip. Second, salt crystals of different sizes retain the moisture from the limes better, which means they more easily recrystallize once all of the liquid is absorbed.

Lime Salt
Yields about 2 cups.

1/2 lb. kosher salt
1/2 lb. sea salt
1/4 lb. iodized salt
20 limes

Using a microplane or a small-holed grater, zest the limes, then split and reserve.

Combine the salts.

Mix in the zest and toss in the lime halves. Allow the mixture to sit for several days in a covered container before using—it’s also good on popcorn, seafood, and chicken!

Chip Seasoning
Yields about 1 cup

1 c. lime salt
1 t. ground coriander
1 t. powdered ginger
1/2 t. powdered onion
1/2 t. powdered garlic
1/2 t. powdered cumin
1/4 t. black pepper

Toss to taste on plain tortilla chips.


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  donna wrote @

Great idea for Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I’m already planning what to make in February! Thanks, Chef!

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