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Love Unleashed: V-Day menu at Poe’s Kitchen, 2/10–2/17

While Boston’s lovebirds are mooning quietly over candlelight, we at Poe’s Kitchen have created a special menu in honor of all the single ladies—and gentlemen—out there. Come on in and celebrate Independence Day—er, Valentine’s Day—with us! (Of course, you happy couples are invited too!)



Love is nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing.


Guac Blocker
Lime-zested chips & salsa with a trio of guacamoles: mango~beet~traditional

Sexual Healing
Farofa-dusted oysters fried in vanilla bean oil with chocolate stout molé

99 Problems But a Fish Ain’t One
Pancetta-wrapped cod on acorn squash puree with sundried strawberry-balsamic reduction & strawberry sea salt

Strapping Young Buck Tacos
Peppercorn-braised venison with watercress in aqua fresca, smoked peach-cilantro salsa & brie

Cougar’s Delight
Lobster, black truffle & goat cheese–stuffed petite tenderloin of beef with corn-infused potatoes, Thai peanut–veal stock teduction, coconut-lemongrass broth & flash-fried frisée

The Cheetah!
Mark Sanford Sirloin of “Kobe” beef rubbed with Argentine chimichurri & slow-smoked  South Carolina–style! Accompanied by Tiger Woods’ Angry Wife Salsa with wood chip–smoked habañeros and Bill Clinton Tobacco Chile Glaze

In tennis, LOVE = a score of zero to zero.


Booty Text
3 AM Chinatown-style deep-fried green tea ice cream with cornflake & Ritz cracker crumbs

Cupid’s Chokehold
One heart-shaped brownie, one heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie with cayenne & chocolate fondue

Feel-Me-Up Buttercup
Peanut butter cups topped with vanilla mousse & berries


Silver Fox
Our signature margarita with Patron Silver 

Drink Me Pretty
Beija Cachaça~SoCo~Jack Daniels~Malibu Rum~Midori~pineapple & cranberry

Beer Goggles
This Guinness-Absolut Vanilla-Chambord milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! 

The Alternative Girlfriend
White Chocolate Godiva-Absolut Vanilla-Kahlua martini with a dark chocolate rim

Latin lesson: “Semper Ubi Sub Ubi” = Always where under where.


Put Your New Year’s Resolutions Where Your Mouth Is

The current Unleashed menu at Poe’s Kitchen sneaks a little healthiness into every dish. But don’t worry, you won’t even notice!

                    Thai tuna salad with seaweed & baby tatsoi in peanut vinaigrette

Quinoa-crusted salmon salad with berry-chipotle salsa & sweet potato “croutons”

        Grilled portobello mushroom salad with pickled onions & St. Andres blue cheese