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S’mores Unleashed

If the s’mores won’t go to the campfire, bring some heat to the s’mores! That was the thinking behind the marshmallow “salsa” that tops one of the dessert specials on this week’s Unleashed menu: s’mores-style ice cream sandwiches.

Okay, it doesn’t actually contain chile peppers (although you wouldn’t put it past me, right?). But it still adds extra spice to this sandwich of graham crackers and vanilla bean ice cream blended with summer berries and marshmallows, which is also topped with tres leches and chocolate.

Photo taken by the light of a campfire!
Photo taken by the light of a campfire!

Seared Marshmallow-White Chocolate Salsa

1 c. mini-marshmallows
½ c. whole fresh red currants
¼ c.chopped fresh mint leaves
3 t. vanilla sugar (recipe below)
½ c.white chocolate chips
3-4 t. agave nectar
juice of ½ lime

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and enjoy. If you have a crème brulee torch, light a small mound of the marshmallows just before serving.

Vanilla Sugar

Split one vanilla bean into 1 c. sugar. Make in advance.